Writing an Epic Whodunit by Peggy Webb


Writing an Epic Whodunit by Peggy Webb

We’re excited to welcome PEGGY WEBB with news of her latest project.

When best friends from across the country attend a writers’ conference and talk into the wee hours for three days straight, the result is often amazing. BREAKDOWN, a four-book, four-author suspense series was born from just such a conference. The late night brainstorming sessions occurred in Atlanta with Regan Black from South Carolina, Vicki Hinze from Florida, Debra Webb from the Alabama and yours truly from Elvis Presley’s birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi, all of us USA Today bestselling authors with a collective body of work that includes more than 300 books in the genres of mystery, suspense, thriller, romance, paranormal romance and literary fiction.

The four of us had collaborated before with box sets we’d put together using separately written books related only by theme.

This time around we created the perfect small town tucked into the foothills of the Sierras and four strong female protagonists who had fled there to escape from their pasts, four flawed female heroes who had become good friends. Detective Laney Holt, school principal Dana Perkins, investigative reporter Julia Ford and Dr. Ana Perez lived quietly in a perfect, hidden paradise…until somebody murdered Sylvia Cole. As the four women attempt to unmask a killer, they also uncover the secrets and lies of Shutter Lake’s most prominent citizens.

The lead book, the dead girl by Debra Webb, features Laney who had once been a big city detective until a harrowing chase through dark alleys led to a gun battle with  tragic consequences. She fled to Shutter Lake and joined the police force in a town with a zero crime rate.

In the second book, so many secrets by Vicki Hinze, the female lead, Dana, is a former elementary teacher haunted by a school shooting.

In my book, all the lies, Julia is a former investigative reporter from Chicago who struggles with panic attacks and survivor’s guilt after a false tip led her into the clutches of a madman she’d dubbed the Jack o’ Lantern killer. She took refuge in Shutter Lake and now writes a lifestyle column for the local paper.

Regan Black anchors the series with what she knew, a stunner that throws a spotlight on immigration. Dr. Ana Perez, head of Shutter Lake Clinic, is a woman intimately acquainted with the complexities of one of the toughest issues of our time.

Each of us also wrote a short story prequel to show why our heroine fled to a town that offered protection and anonymity. We are thrilled to bring the complete suspense series to readers in October, a new book each Thursday, starting with the dead girl October 4 and ending with what she knew October 25. For full details visit my website at www.peggywebb.com.

Thanks for stopping by. If you love the BREAKDOWN books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub and your social media. Early reviews call BREAKDOWN “an epic whodunit.”


Debra Webb, the dead girl


Vicki Hinze, so many secrets


Peggy Webb, all the lies


Regan Black, what she knew



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USA Today bestselling author Peggy Webb writes romance, women’s fiction, literary fiction and cozies. Her popular Southern Cousins Mystery series earned her the title “comic genius” from her peers.A former adjunct instructor at Mississippi State University, Peggy likes to describe herself as “Southern to the bone and a pillar of the church and community.” Her friends
say she is as down-to-earth as the characters in her books and the roles she plays onstage at Tupelo Community Theater. She readily admits to being part Callie in the
Southern Cousins Mystery series and part Maggie in her Pulitzer nominated novel Driving Me Crazy (2006). She even confesses she saw herself in her stage roles as M’Lynn
in “Steel Magnolias” and The White Witch in “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” But she denies being the model for characters in Confessions of a Not So Dead Libido.“I am compelled to write,” she says. “My muse won’t let me remain idle.” Peggy’s body of work is a stunning testament to her muse: more than 80 novels, numerous blues songs, more than
200 magazine humor columns and two screenplays.

In addition to her literary and mystery works in progress, Peggy is editing/revising her early romances. “I’m delighted to bring these timeless love stories back to you.
What fun to get reacquainted with feisty, independent heroines and strong, sexy heroes!”

This native Mississippian has seen millions of her books in print in more than 17 languages. Acclaimed by both fans and reviewers, Peggy’s novels consistently appear on bestseller
lists and garner awards. Among her awards are Reviewer’s Choice, Maggie, Golden Medallion, Wordweaving Award of Excellence, and the prestigious Romantic Times Pioneer Award. Dubbed
the Queen of Comedy by fans, Peggy forged the way for romantic comedy.

She went back to her comedy roots with her Southern Cousins Mystery series, fan favorite cozies that star Elvis, the basset hound who thinks he’s the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll reincarnated.
Her fans say, “To read a Peggy Webb novel is to howl with laughter.”

Her classic romantic comedies are also huge hits. Among those landing in Amazon’s Top Ten spot are the duo Touched by Angels and A Prince for Jenny, all five books of the Donovans of the
 series, the ground-breaking Duplicity, and the time-travel Night of the Dragon.

Although Peggy says she’s “just a small-town Southern girl who loves music and words,” she has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mississippi University for Women and a Master of Arts degree
from the University of Mississippi. She is an accomplished pianist, a singer in the first soprano section of her church’s choir, a Master Gardener, and a prolific writer whom reviewers
call “one of the Southern literary greats.”

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