RU 2017: Happy Holidays and Thank You for Your Support


RU 2017: Happy Holidays and Thank You for Your Support

We made it through another year! In 2017, we published 135 new posts written by our very generous contributors. We hope our content has given you inspiration and food for thought. We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to our readers. Thank you for the retweets and the Facebook shares, and for supporting us since 2009.

We’re very grateful for our Visiting Professors, many of whom have been contributing posts for the past several years. 

2017 Visiting Professors

Angela Ackerman  

How to Add Depth to Your Protagonist

Supplying Breadcrumbs: How to Hint at a Character’s Emotional Wound

Jeanne Adams  –  Getting on the Roller Coaster 

Michael Alvear

The One Romance Novel Trope Every Author Deals with Behind the Scenes: Constant Rejection

The Eyes Have It

Adriana Anders  –  How Becoming a Writer Saved My Life

Paul Bates  –  How to Evoke Emotions as a Writer

Heatherly Bell  –  Writing Emotionally Charged Books and Scenes

Heatherly Bell & Amy Lamont  –  Author Cross Promotion: Getting by with a Little Help From my Friends

Lyla Bellatas  –  Mercury Retrograde and Writing

Bliss Bennet  –  Using Song Lyrics to Show Character and Relationships in Your Romance Novel

Amalie Berlin  –  Tips to Battle Procrastination From an ADHD Writer

Marilyn Brant  –  Jane Austen as a Literary Influence

Allison Brennan  –  The Triangle of Romantic Suspense

Andie Brock  –  I Did It My Way

Suzanne Brockmann  

Story Within the Story

Plan: Read

Linda Broday  –  How I Became a Published Author

Duffy Brown  –  Benefits of a Small Conference

Debbie Burns  –  Ever Wonder How Writing a Manuscript is Like Raising a Puppy?

Ruth A. Casie  –  Writing Conferences

Natalie Charles  –  Making Peace with Your Inner Critic 

Phillipa Nefri Clark  –  Dual Timeline Novels…More Than a Flashback

Dani Collins  –  Ten Tips for the Successful Writer

Gina Conkle  –  How to Create Page Turning Dialogue 

Caren Crane  –  When Life Happens

Jennifer Crusie  –  Food and Fiction

Heidi Cullinan  –  The Main Event – How to Choose a Convention Right for You and Your Brand

Melinda Curtis  –  3 Character Tips from a Writing Craft Geek

Joanne Dannon  –  Goal, Motivation, and Conflict

Claire Davon  –  Splices and Splits and Filters, Oh My!

Kimberly Dean  –  No, You Don’t Have to Write Every Day

Vicky Delany  –  Write What You Want to Know

Kari Lyn Dell  –  What Have You Got to Lose?

Anne Elizabeth  –  Writing Tips

Liz Fielding  

Create Characters Your Reader Will Care About

When Being a Pantster Isn’t Enough

Robin Gianna  –  Top Five Character Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Mark Gottlieb  –  How to Write an Effective Hook

Elizabeth Harmon

The Writing Life: Positively Powerful

Nice is the New Sexy: Creating a Swoonworthy Beta Hero

Nina Harrington  –  How to Cope with Anxiety and Overwhelm Using Fractals

Susan Hatler  –  Getting Out From Behind the Keyboard

Kristan Higgins  –  Organic Marketing

Cate Hogan  –  Weaving Magic:  The Five Threads of Dynamic Narrative

Ken Isaacson  –  Free to Fudge the Facts

Rosalind James

How to Write a (Romance) Blurb

How to be Hooky

Get Off the Churn Train! Writing Books that Stick

Ines Johnson   –  How I Used Instafreebie to Grow My Fan Base

Ruth Kaufman  –  Keeping up with the Fast-Changing Self-Publishing Market

Gloria Kopp  –  7 Tactics for Creative Writers to Generate New Story Ideas

Kyra Cornelius Kramer  –  Jane Austen, Regency Romance, and Me

Victoria Landis  –  Sleuthfest 2018

Ryan Lanz  –  The Dos and Dont’s of Dialogue Tags

Noah Michael Levine & Renee Mason  –  Audiobooks: The Fastest Growth Sector of Publishing

Nicole Locke

How to Save Your Sanity with Nano

The Top Three Ways to Save Your Series and Your Sanity via Excel Spreadsheets

Paul Lonardo  –  Putting it on the Page: How Your Personal Experiences Influence Character Development

Julie Anne Long  –  Use the Ordinary to Create the Extraordinary

Donna MacMeans  –  First Line = First Impression

Loucinda McGary  

Unclogging the Drain of Progress

Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Manuscript

LuAnn McLane  –  Boy Bands and Heartthrobs 

Cecelia Mecca  –  Busy Authors Should Simplify Social Media Efforts

Trish Milburn  –  Upbeat Authors

Ginger Monette  –  Building an Author Platform

Mary Jane Morgan  –  Creating Emotional Depth in Your Characters

Miranda Nading  –  Defusing Outlining Confusion 

Alix Rickloff  –  Writing WWII Historical Fiction 

Susan Saurel  – How to Develop Any Idea into a Great Story

Jamie K. Schmidt  –  The Publishing Journey

Jennifer Scott  –  8 tips to Create your Writer’s Resume 

Kathy Servian  

Are You an Outliner or a Pantster?

Are You a Researcher or a Storyteller? Finding the Balance in Historical Fiction

Joanna Campbell Slan  –  Never Give Up on Getting Back Your Rights

Laura Stapleton  –  The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention Report

Nancy Stopper  –  Incorporating Deep POV into Our Writing and Why Do We Care?

Julie Sturgeon  –  Conflict:  Avoid the Easy Route

Keri F. Sweet  –  Keri’s Top 3 Editing Tips

Rachael Thomas

Emotional Depth – Putting the Spark in Your Story

After the First Draft

Renee Vincent  –  Why Are Series Romances So Popular and What Makes for a Great Series?

Julie Ann Walker  –  When to Say When (AKA: Walking Way From a Popular Series)

Jeri Westerson  –  Romancing the Paranormal: 5 Tips for Putting the “Super” in Supernatural

Linda Wiken  –  Cooking up the Culinary Mystery


A very special thanks to our amazing Regular Contributors for their generosity and dedication.

Regular Contributors 2017

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

The Secret Driver

Read a Little, Read a Lot

Donna Cummings

Make a Wish List 

The Writer’s Black Moment

Laura Drake  

Organizing Your Novel

Tracking Time in Your Novel


Chris Eboch/Kris Bock

Making Minor Characters Fresh: #Writing Advice

Hug Your Story With Bookends

Cinematic Scene Building

Maddening Middles and the #NanoWrimo Midmonth Slump


Pat Haggerty 

Backing Your Writing Up to the Cloud

Romance Writers of America National Conference

Horse Riding for City Slickers


Rayne Hall

Writing Indoor Scenes

Writing Captivity Scenes


Handsome Hansel

Here I am Again



Janice Hardy

Should You Give Up on Your Novel and Write Something New?

An Easy Way to Create Conflict in Your Novel

3 Ways to Tell if Your Conflict is Just a Delay Tactic


Helen Henderson  

Stars…I Want a Galaxy of Stars. But All I Got Was One

Are You a Comment Spammer or an Etiquette Queen?

Housekeeping Tips


Nan Reinhardt

Editor Nan on Comma Usage

Can’t We All Just Agree to Agree? Part 1

Let’s Just Agree to Agree? Part 2 – Pronouns and Antecedents

Parallel Structure and Parallelism


Veronica Scott

Strategic Planning 

The Importance of Cover Design

Audiobooks: What You Should Know

Do you YASIV? A Primer on Amazon Products Visualization

Need Social Media Content to Share? Try Hashtags!


Tessa Shapcott  

Second Chance at Love – Get it Right the First Time

Putting Meat on the Bones of Your Heroes


Damon Suede 

Staking Acclaim: The Hidden Punch of Pull Quotes

Saving Grace…On Xenia, Hospitality Laws, and the Cats that Need Saving

Moving Target…Using Thematic MacGuffins to Focus a Story

Wrong Mountain…Goals We’re Given and the Prizes Nobody Wants


Staci Troilo

On Lover’s Lips

The Devil’s in the Details

The Recipe for Romance


Posts by RU Staff

Becke Martin Davis

In the Beginning

Writing Rituals, Superstitions, and Lucky Charms – Part One

Writing Rituals, Superstitions, and Lucky Charms – Part Two

Speaking Martian on Venus

RU Ready?

Get Bang for Your Buck with Regional Conferences: #1 Connecticut Fiction Fest


Jen Tanner   

Happy Valentine’s Day (With offerings other than chocolate)

The Keepsake Method of Creating Characters


We wish you good cheer and the happiest of holidays. RU will be on hiatus until January 8th. Happy 2018!

RU Faculty: Carrie Peters, Becke Martin Davis, and Jen Tanner

RU Founders: Tracey Devlyn, Adrianne Giordano, and Kelsey Browning

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  1. Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas! Our regular contributors – you guys rock! Our readers, we appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts.

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  2. Love the compendium of all the blogs in one email!!! Sometimes I’m forced to just file them in folders to read later, so this time I’ll just pop up this email and click away!

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  4. I know this is fairly late in the new year to be posting but I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciated the recap. With family health issues, I’ve been unable to keep up with my reading and could barely star my inbox articles from Romance University so imagine my delight when I came across this article with links to articles that I most likely missed and wanted to read! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Much appreciated!