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My Sister from Another Mister? (Your Ideal Reader)

If you write romance, you probably already know a general formula for crafting a story that will do the genre proud. And I mean a bit more than the “boy meets girl/boy loses girl/boy gets […]

The Birth of a Book Reviewer by Debbie Haupt

TweetDebbie Haupt is one of my best friends I’ve never met. We’ve known each other online for a decade or more, drawn together by our almost frenzied love of books. We both enjoy meeting authors […]

A Blast from the Past by Becke Martin Davis

TweetI move so often it’s practically a hobby. I’ve been in Chicago almost six years and now we’re bracing for a cross-country trek to Eugene, Oregon. So, once again, I’m emptying bookcases in an attempt […]

Plan: Read by Suzanne Brockmann

TweetWe’ve all heard the advice that it’s best not to read while writing, in case we somehow accidentally absorb details from our reading materials into our own writing. New York Times Best-Selling Author SUZANNE BROCKMANN joins […]

Starting a New Author’s Group—Part One: Getting Started By Màiri Norris

Help me welcome Màiri Norris and some of her author’s group! For the next 3 days we’ll be talking about the ins and outs of starting your own author’s group – is it easy? Nope. […]

Finding your Alpha: Not Your Alpha Hero; Your Alpha Reader by Rissa Brahm

Everyone knows about the alpha hero right? Right. But what about an alpha reader? Rissa Brahm explains. There’s no such thing as the perfect alpha hero—in fact, we count on his flaws. There is also […]