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Ask An Editor: Positioning Your Book

TweetToday’s post is a flashback to August 20, 2010. Enjoy! This month, we’re looking at a question that comes up frequently in the mailbag, though it takes many varied forms. The upshot: a writer is […]

10 Tips for Pitching Your Book by Oliver Rhodes

This post was so good the first time, we’re running it again for our Flashback Friday post. Check out these great tips by Oliver Rhodes on pitching your book!  Writing the most amazing story is simply not […]

Conquering Your Fear of the Semi-Colon with Editor Theresa Stevens

TweetRe-run Week continues! Today’s post was written back in 2012 by editor Theresa Stevens, a long-time contributor and supporter of RU. Do you rewrite sentences just to avoid using a semi-colon? Editor Theresa Stevens explains the proper usage […]

Doomed by Depression? by Lesley Vos

TweetWelcome back to Lesley Vos who is sharing an important and sobering message about depression and writing. Once upon a time, depression settled at my place. Well, I should have thought that it always lived […]

Seriously, Series by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

I do love reading series, and only wish the authors could somehow churn out one a month or so. =) But alas, writing a series is HARD WORK, but Laurie Schnebly Campbell is here to […]

Travel as Inspiration for Writing by Pat Haggerty

OMG! Who travels more than Pat Haggerty? Absolutely no one I know. And here’s why YOU should travel too! In my day job, I work as a computer consultant and trainer, and I travel around […]

Wrong Mountain… Goals We’re Given and the Prizes Nobody Wants by Damon Suede

As always, Damon Suede hits the nail on the head with goalsetting and career paths for the writer. Read on! As it often is these days, our industry is undergoing violent, seismic shifts that will […]

Parallel Structure and Parallelism by Nan Reinhardt

Read through this great post by Nan Reinhardt – it will make all the difference in your writing AND your reading from here on out! Editor Nan here and today we’re going to talk about […]

Horse Riding for City Slickers by Pat Haggerty

Why, you’re asking, is Pat Haggerty doing an article on horse riding on a romance writer’s website? Just in case one of your characters is ever on a horse, of course! =) The more you […]

Moving Target… Using Thematic MacGuffins to Focus a Story by Damon Suede

Ever heard of a MacGuffin? I hadn’t until a few years ago. Damon Suede is here to explain what one is – and how to apply the same technique to your writing! Modern readers are […]