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Should you change your writing brand? by Jenn Stark

TweetI’m excited to welcome back the fabulous JENN STARK! You may know her by one of her other pseudonyms (read on). Scroll down for details of her GIVEAWAY! When I first started publishing in 2013, […]

Writing an Epic Whodunit by Peggy Webb

TweetWe’re excited to welcome PEGGY WEBB with news of her latest project. When best friends from across the country attend a writers’ conference and talk into the wee hours for three days straight, the result is […]

Demons Are Just Angels Without A Halo By Jeri Westerson

Right? I mean, in the traditional Judeo-Christian sense, they are fallen angels. So there must be something about them that makes them good. On the inside. Maybe? Paranormal romance readers like their male protagonists to […]

The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit by Josh Lanyon

TweetToday’s post is a rerun from exactly seven years ago: August 31, 2011. When you think of sexy, well-written, and riveting M/M romance and gay fiction  – Josh Lanyon is one of the first who […]

Why You Should Pull Out the Manuscript Under Your Bed by Kelsey Browning

Re-running posts this month – we’re calling it our summer vacation! So here’s a post from our original founder, Kelsey Browning! How long has it been since you’ve peeked at your first completed manuscript under […]

How to Write a Realistic Private Detective

I “met” John Hoda online when I was reading a post he wrote on another blogger’s site. His job as a private investigator fascinated me, particularly given I write a lot of romantic suspense. I […]

Writing when life happens by Wendy Roberts

TweetI first discovered Wendy Roberts‘ books when I read her GHOST DUSTERS series some years ago.  I was thrilled when my daughter read the first book in the series and asked for more. Since that […]

Add Verbs: Creating Characters that Pop Off the Page by Damon Suede

TweetWe’re starting off Re-run Week with a post from Damon Suede, which originally ran back in 2012. (Yes, RU’s been around a while!)  This post follows up on a topic raised in the comments to […]

High Concept for the Author of Hybrid Romance by Manda Collins

TweetI’m very excited to welcome MANDA COLLINS to her debut post at Romance University! Hey, y’all! I’m so happy to be here at Romance University today! My name is Manda and I write hybrids. No, […]

Regency Travelers and Paterson’s Roads, by Researcher Franzeca Drouin

TweetWelcome to Wayback Wednesday! Today we’re traveling back to September 9, 2011, when this post first appeared. Franzeca Drouin, the author of this post, will be joining us periodically, after she returns from volunteering at […]