BookBub – The Holy Grail of Book Advertising by KC Falls


BookBub – The Holy Grail of Book Advertising by KC Falls


BookBub. It is the Holy Grail of book advertising. It is the Mount Everest that each author Sisyphus dutifully pushes the boulder up month after month hoping (mostly in vain) that this time the rock won’t slide down like it usually does.

So, what’s all the hubbub about the great and powerful Bub? Imagine our advertising/marketing world as an ancient Pantheon of Gods. BookBub is the great and powerful. All other gods bow before the Bub.

I truly wish I could tell you exactly how to get a placement. I’ve had half a dozen over the course of four years of submissions. I have seven pages of ‘not selected’ that mock me each time I submit my latest supplication. Yet, I still do it. I’ve come to regard it kind of like buying a lottery ticket.  Only you don’t have to pay to play (until you win, of course) and the process is very simple.

You fill in the blanks and you get immediate confirmation that you have applied for an ad.  Then you wait for the “We’re sorry, but your book was not selected.”  And then one day you see “You’ve been selected for a BookBub Featured Deal!” and you’re a little shocked. Why this time? Why not the other seven pages of ‘not selected’?

Then you do your happy dance and start stacking promos like your life depends on it. And, it kind of does. BookBub ads aren’t cheap. And to make the most of one, you will need to stack ads. Google that. The good people at Written Word have a great article on it here:

Beg, borrow or steal the money to pay for this. Eat ramen noodles for a month. Do not let the parade pass you by.

Would you care to skyrocket your visibility? How about putting thousands in those lovely plus columns on your monthly bank statement? Wouldn’t it be grand to watch your work’s rank just fly into the top 100?

I’m not a numbers kind of person so I can’t give you exact figures. My first ad brought in about twelve grand. That was back in the glory days. And I didn’t know squat. Other than one discount promo (the only real disappointment BB has delivered) I have advertised free books. Yes, you heard that right.  I pay Bub to help me give away my books. I write cliffies and those earnings are all sell-through to the remainder of the series.

Cliffies are iffy and I take flak for them in my reviews.  But they’ve put bread in my jar, so I am sticking with what I know.

Now, what you really want to know is how to get picked, don’t you? When you find out, let me know and we’ll both become millionaires. I’ve read everything I could find and there’s no magic sauce.  The people at BookBub are enigmatic. Gods normally are.

I have four perma-free first in series. The Bub likes only one of them. The others are rejected again and again. Yet, two and a half years since my last ‘congrats you’ve won’, they chose to run my old stand-by. Oh, it has a new cover and I got my USA Today letters, but that didn’t matter the first six times I submitted the new and shiny version. Then this week, the rock didn’t roll back down the hill.

I immediately bought a Freebooksy feature to run two days after. I did Awesome Gang, Hot Zippy and a couple of small romance ad places. And today I am at it again. At the suggestion of an author friend, I’m going to discount the boxed set and run some BookBub ads. That’s going to be a new thing for me and probably expensive.

Persistence is everything. You can be the most talented, educated, brilliant, artistic and creative author who ever walked this earth and (assuming you want to earn money from your efforts) nothing will take the place of persistence.  Once you’ve been rejected as many times as I have, your information is all filled in. BookBub is extremely user friendly.  Takes minutes and might net you thousands of dollars.

I was more or less giving up on writing. I got certified to teach English as a foreign language and planned to teach my way around the world. My BookBub ad will do two things: It will re-energize my writing and it will give me the cushion I need to bravely go where thousands have gone before.

Pick your bestselling book. Get lots of reviews. You’ll have to work on this. If you get a BB ad, your reviews will also skyrocket. Apparently an old book isn’t a deal killer, either. Knowing His Secret was published 1/14! I really think I’ve written better books. But this is the one they’ve run from the beginning.  It will be featured on 11/13. Right now it is ranked 2239 in free books and is nicely placed in several categories.  3.8 stars with 463 reviews. So, you don’t need a five star status, either.

Good luck and may the Bub be with you.



Bio: K.C. Falls is a native of New York who traded the Big Apple for Big Sky country. Her Montana ranch is home to a menagerie of animals including one human male she shamelessly uses for inspiration. Her tales are sharp-edged stories with strong sexy heroes and the women they can’t resist.

K.C. finds time to feed the chickens, study Native Americana (she’s part Cheyenne–that’s what the ‘C’ stands for) and cook incredible food because there isn’t a restaurant around for many miles. She writes in between bites.